How² „pixelate“ a texture

And guess what, im going deep already without any backoff 😀

Its pretty random but hell, maybe someone needs this kind of advice, since i was intereseted in it, so might be you. Btw in the next times i will rather do quick tips instead of explained tutorials, so some basic knowledge is needed for this one.

How² „pixelate“ a Texture in Blender

Lets start of with a basic setup of a plane with a texture, in my case, the voronoi texture will suffer 😀

Basic Node Setup with the Texture
Basic Node Setup with the Texture

So in order to add the „pixelate“ effect, we need to add 2 Value nodes which will act as our Coordinates (X and Y in this case(Z would be useless anyways)) and will seperate them with a Seperate XYZ Node. After that, we will add 3 Math nodes for each Value, which means a total of 6 and we will combine them afterwards with a Combine XYZ Node. That should look like this

"pixelate" Node setup
„pixelate“ Node setup

And after that is done, we can plug them in and get the result we wanted

Final Node Setup and Texture

While my texture isnt looking that much of minecraft, u can adjust that with changing the Number in the Value Nodes(named here X and Y). While a bigger number stands for less pixelate, a smaller number gives u the minecraft texture u guys were looking for :p

There you have it, thanks for watching ! 😀

PS: if u couldnt follow me that much here, check out this guys tutorial, he maybe done it better for your liking:


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