Quickie: Selecting everything faster (Materials included)

Back i am, first post about Quickies ever (<3) Quickie: Selecting Materials faster For this one i made up a little .gif i will show u soon, but here is a little text to it: Usually u choose materials by going to the panel and searching for the Shader u want to use for the Object. What if i tell you, that there is a faster way, than clicking it ? 😀 Check it out :

Hotkeys are Awesome
Hotkeys are Awesome

You simply click once and hover over the shader panel and press a Button to your liking and u get ur desired shader. Most of the time the first letter of the shader ur searching for will bring you (E for Emission, D for Diffuse, G for Glass and so on …) but sometimes, there are multiple shader with the same letter. Those shaders are mapped on a different hotkey, which i will post a list later on. But for now thats it ! Have fun with that guys 😀

Update2: Found a waaay better way to tell you which hotkeys u have to press for the materials, and in the end, for everything else.

You guys may noticed that by every letter in a box u would like to select something (Add Box, Shaders, Compositing Add box etc.) There are letters, that are underlined within a certain tool. Thats where the magic comes from 😀


U guys just have to lookout for those underlines in the word and by simply pressing the underlined letter, it will bring you. Thats why it worked for shaders (seen above)

  • Diffuse BSDF
  • Glass BSDF
  • Emession
  • Glossy BSDF

(Note: whether big or small letter, u dont need to watch out for that)

And for the love of god Ton is sharing, he didnt only added this to the Add box and shaders, no no (xD), he also did the same for the Compositing add box which blazes me right now 😀

And im pretty sure that there are more functions that shares this hotkeys, just need to figure those out (which is your task now :p) So now you can figure urself out pretty easy which hotkey are needed to press, instead of trying every button on the god damn keyboard 😀 Have fun guys !

*Could vary between newer Version’s, since Ton Roosendaal (such badass) adds shaders and other stuff  with newer Releases*

** Blender 2.73 is used here


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