Quickie: Quick Vignette

Quickie: Quick Vignette

This one is pretty short, but also easy though 😀 Lets get to it !

Take ur Render and add a Ellipse Mask (found in Matte –> Ellipse Mask)

Ellipse Mask
Ellipse Mask

Adjust the Width and Height until the entire screen is covered in white, except the edges. Afterwards add an Blur node and set it to Fast Gaussian, put a hook into Relatives and change the values to something like 10%


Finally add an Mix Node and mix those together. Set the value to multiply annnnd ur done 😀

Done !
Final node setup

You can adjust the thickness of the vignette by adjusting the width and height values in the Ellipse mask, but i left it as it is. Oh yeah, i also added an RGB curve to express the vignette out and give the image overall more AWESOMENESS 😀 (But thats not needed for the Vignette though)

Have fun messing around !


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